How do I keep my carpets clean?

Keeping your carpets properly cleaned and maintained is easy to do. Placing mats and throw rugs near entry ways will help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that can soil your carpet. Use a good vacuum cleaner and use it often. Clean spills as soon as they occur and schedule professional cleanings at least once per year. Be sure to consult the manufacturers’ cleaning and maintenance suggestions.

Do I need to worry about seeing seams in a large room?

Carpet typically comes in 12 foot rolls. Unfortunately, this means that in rooms larger than 12 feet, seams are probably inevitable. The experienced installation professionals at Maxwell Flooring will ensure that seams are minimized and well-hidden within a room. However, with certain pattern styles of carpet, seams show more with some than others. If you have a large room this might be something to consider with selecting the style of your carpet.

What should I do if something spills?

If something spills it is important to clean it up right away. Quickly pick up any solids or debris and use a clean, dry cloth to gently blot and soak up as much liquid as possible. Next, rinse the area with warm water, gently blotting with a cloth or towel. Do not scrub or use hot water. This may cause damage to the individual fibers. Let the area air dry completely before vacuuming. If using a carpet cleaning product, be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines or ask our knowledgeable staff for recommendations.

How important is the pad for my carpet?

The pad you select to go under your carpet will make a huge difference on how your carpet feels after installation. The carpet pad absorbs much of the impact when walking on the floor and will help to preserve and maintain the life of your carpet. Not all carpet pads are the same. Different carpet pads are recommended for different types of carpet. At Maxwell Flooring we will help you select the best pad for your carpet.

My carpet has a snag. What should I do?

Snagging will occasionally occur on looped carpet. If this happens be sure not to vacuum or pull the yarn. Use a pair of scissors to cut the snag making it level with the surface of the carpet.