What types of carpet are available?

There is an endless selection of carpet to choose from. Based on the characteristics of the carpet’s surface it can be broken down into three primary categories. These consist of “cut pile”, “loop pile”, or “cut and loop.” The two most common types of materials used to create the carpet fibers are known as polyester and nylon. To learn more about materials used, each type of pile and what might work best for you, contact an experienced team member at Maxwell Flooring.

Do I need to worry about seeing seams in a large room?

Carpet typically comes in 12 foot rolls. Unfortunately, this means that in rooms larger than 12 feet, seams are probably inevitable. The experienced installation professionals at Maxwell Flooring will ensure that seams are minimized and well-hidden within a room. However, with certain pattern styles of carpet, seams show more with some than others. If you have a large room this might be something to consider with selecting the style of your carpet.

What is Smartstrand or Triexta?

Smartstrand, better known as Triexta is a relatively new fiber used in making carpet. While similar in molecular structure to polyester it is vastly different in its ability to clean, wear, and out-perform polyester in every way. Triexta is extremely stain resistant, exceptionally soft, and is as durable as a nylon carpet. To find out more about the advantages of Smartstrand contact us at Maxwell Flooring.

How important is the pad for my carpet?

The pad you select to go under your carpet will make a huge difference on how your carpet feels after installation. The carpet pad absorbs much of the impact when walking on the floor and will help to preserve and maintain the life of your carpet. Not all carpet pads are the same. Different carpet pads are recommended for different types of carpet. At Maxwell Flooring we will help you select the best pad for your carpet.

What is included in the cost?

After your free measurement Maxwell’s will provide you with a bid for your new carpet which will include the cost of your pad, carpet and labor. If you need help tearing your old flooring out, moving furniture, or anything else we would be happy to help for an additional fee.

Is financing available?

Yes! Contact us at Maxwell Flooring for more information on how we can make the buying process virtually stress-free.