At Maxwell Flooring we have years of experience and are happy to answer any of your carpet questions. Here is a brief overview of what the carpet buying process entails from start to finish.


Before your carpet is installed we will work with you to confirm that we have the correct measurements for your project. After you select the carpet that works best for you we will reserve an installation date that fits your schedule. When the day of installation arrives it is important to make sure the room is cleared of furniture and other items. If necessary old flooring should be removed and the area cleared. If Maxwell’s is assisting with the removal of furniture and/or old flooring be sure this is discussed at the time your carpet is purchased so expectations are clear for both you and the installer. Baseboards and molding need to be removed before carpet is installed. Depending on the condition of the subflooring repairs may need to be made to ensure that the floor is safe, stable, and level.


Be sure to schedule your installation on a day that you can be home. This will allow you to communicate with your installation team and have any of your questions answered before they begin. The carpet padding will be installed first followed by your carpet of choice. If you’ve arranged in advance to have Maxwell’s professionals take care of your doors and moldings they will make sure each one is reinstalled to clear your new carpet. If not, you may consider having a professional trim your doors and install your baseboards.


Having good ventilation after your carpet is installed is very important. You can do this by opening windows and doors, turning on fans and other steps to air out the room for at least 48 hours. New carpet will lightly “shed” but frequent vacuuming during the first few days will quickly eliminate this. If there are any loose fibers use a pair of scissors to trim the ends. Finally, relax and enjoy your new flooring!