Although durable, laminate floors must be maintained. Sweet or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and dust. Using a damp mop will also help to keep floors clean, but avoid excess water and be sure to wipe floors dry after mopping is complete. Abrasive cleaners or soap-based detergents can dull or damage laminate floors and should be avoided. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance suggestions.

Repairing scratches and stains

Minor damage to laminate floors is normal and can be repaired. Many manufacturers offer “touch-up” kits that help cover and hid small scratches and stains. Damaged planks can often be replaced with new ones. To find out more talk to one of our experts at Maxwell Flooring.

Can laminate floors be refinished?

Unfortunately laminate floors cannot be sanded and refinished. However, because of its durability laminate is less likely to show scratches and dents than hardwood.