Installing hardwood floors is a job for a professional. Because your floors will be a part of your home for years to come, it is important to ensure it’s done properly.  At Maxwell Flooring we have professional installers with years of experience, making the installation process effortless.


It is recommended that all hardwood products have time to acclimate before installation.  This usually takes four to five days and allows the wood to adjust to the climate as it expands and contracts.  The wood will be delivered to your home four to five days before installation.  All old flooring will need to be remove and the subfloor repaired before installation.   All furniture and other objects in the room including decorations and curtains will need to be removed.  Maxwell Flooring can help with tearing the old flooring out, repairs and furniture moving.  The room should maintain a temperature between 60-80 degrees.


When your flooring is installed different techniques may be used depending on your situation and the product installed.  These include: Nailing down, stapling down, or gluing down the wood.  Be prepared for a great deal of noise and dust.


To maintain the life of your new hardwood floors there are a few key things you can do.  Use rug, mats and felt pads under furniture to limit scratching and denting.  Be sure to sweep or vacuum you floors daily, and spot clean them regularly.  With time your hardwood floors may need to be refinished.